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Otters Dream LLC

 Welcome to Ottersdream.com.

OttersDream is ideal for us because as family-oriented creatures, otters nurture their family while playing in the water. Nurturing and loving our family, as you know, has always been a top priority.  This business allows us to fulfill our dream of being home with our family and build income so we can travel to beautiful beaches and get ready for our children’s college. Being a military family for nearly 30 years, it is also important to us to support US, family owned businesses whenever possible.

Our business is expanding so we are looking for someone who is entrepreneurial in nature with sales and/or network marketing experience and is ready to build a business that creates immediate AND long term passive income.  Do you know anyone like that?
I work with an elite line of products for a variety of home & health needs. My specialty is working with people who are choosing a healthier lifestyle that focuses on reducing their risks of diseases such as the common cold, lupus like me, or even cancer.  From these choices, we not only reduce their risks of diseases like cancer but also enjoy side benefits such as more energy, sexier physiques, and pro-aging.  We also like the luxury & convenience of online shopping and home delivery so they can have more quality, free time to spend on the important parts of life.

These products have made a huge difference in our family’s health. Before taking these products I struggled with symptoms of Lupus. I thought I was doing a good job with my health. Once I started using these products & removed the toxins from my home, my symptoms diminished. As a busy Mom, I don’t like to waste time, gas, and money shopping for necessities like cleaners, supplements, and skin care.  I prefer to shop for fun.  I also don’t like to run out of necessities so I love the fact that my products are delivered to my door on my scheduled date. That way I never have to worry about running out and I save gas, time, & money.  
So do you know someone who is entrepreneurial and looking for a way to create immediate and long term income?  We’re interviewing now and offering a scholarships. Contact Us today for more info.

Or maybe you know someone who chooses products for a healthier lifestyle to reduce their risk of disease?  If the luxury and convenience of online shopping is your preference, we invite to shop our store first, OttersDream Store Front

Our full range of complimentary products might surprise you! I know it did me.  

Have an awesome day,
Barb & Dick Lulay


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