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I wish you above all things that thou prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.” – 3rd John Vs 2


A small percent of people start a network marketing business and completely succeed with no help.  If you are already a successful MLMer, then you can quite feasibly earn $100,000 or more in 15 months with tons of bonuses such as trips, cars, and gifts with just 21 key people.  Don't worry we offer leisure building (walking pace) to aggressive building (running pace) so every business builder has a plan.

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In fact, Shaklee's compensation plan when compared to other MLM companies far surpasses them at the same level. 

Another small percent  use the education material the manufacturer offers and combined with their own skills and personal database can succeed.  

Facts that give us a concrete foundation over the competitiors:

So let's focus on the larger percent that want a business and the long term passive income but aren't sure where to begin.  I have tried many online marketing classes, so to save you the pain and money, I am offering you 10 hours of free training to give you a glance at the 5 step success blueprint that I use so you can see what WILL work so you WILL succeed without the hardships that I went through. 

So let me ask you, you came our site to better your life, have your own business, earn an extra income (for whatever you want), or to get out of debt  Right?  If you don't do this, what will you do to get to your goal? 

If I told you with just 21 people and  yourself, you could earn $100,000 in 15 months with numerous bonuses, would you be interested?  If so, then send your resume to me at healthandharmony@comcast.net or Contact Us.

What would you do to achieve your 21 people and $100,000?

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Take advantage of the FREE TRAINING by clicking Free Ebook and then let me know if you think you are ready to build a business that will not only provide immediate income, but will build long term passive income for the years to come.